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Natrica USA has been making digestive products since 1989.   Initially we were based out of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  We have since consolidated and moved our headquarters down to San Diego.  We are a small American owned business ran by people who are American citizens who care about the health and safety of our customers.  

In the history of our company we have never had a recall.  We have certificates of analysis available for all of our lots with breakdowns of all documents providing proof that our products are void of heavy metals, pesticides and any other ingredients that may be harmful.  For questions please send an email to sales@axiaessentials.com.  We will provide these within 48 hours.

We wanted to thank Amazon and Amazon's Vine Customers for bringing it to our attention that wee need more visibility and clarity on who our company is.  

Natrica USA launched Axia3 ProDigestive antacid nationwide over 13 years ago.  We have been in the natural store aisles, natural products conventions, immersed in ongoing education about changing health trends and technologies for a LONG time.  Our products have been designed based on trends and most importantly what people have wanted and needed.  Take a look at our Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine for example.  We have the lowest cost with the highest ingredients on Amazon.  We beat Costco by $10 a bottle and offer a  curcumin product that is 2,000 times more absorb-able than regular curcumin.  We take these extra steps.

There are many companies that do not divulge information about all of their products.  We offer the highest levels of transparency from product safety to manufacturing.  ALL of our products are made at FDA approved cGMP facilities that make fabulous products with the top technologies and equipment.  

Please feel free to send us an email any time and we will try to respond as quickly as possible.  Thank you for trusting in Natrica USA and Axia Essentials.com. 


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